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Shopping in Valencia: Calle Don Juan De Austria Valencia
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Shopping in Valencia

Throughout the city of Valencia, you will find all kinds of large chain stores, small vintage stores, department stores and shopping malls. But what are the best hotspots for shopping in Valencia? Shopping streets in Valencia Calle de Colon is the most well-known shopping street in Valencia. Here you will find the big chains such …

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Comeback: Las Fallas 2021

Yes, Las Fallas will be back! If the COVID-19 measures allow it, Las Fallas 2021 will be held from 1-5 September 2021. The program is shorter than usual, but at least there will be Las Fallas in Valencia again for the first time since 2019! Program Las Fallas 2021 Below you’ll find some highlights in …

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Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Valencia town hall square

One of Valencia’s most iconic squares is Plaza del Ayuntamiento, literal translation “town hall square”. This triangle-shaped square in the middle of Valencia is not to be missed. Certainly not now that it has just become a pedestrian zone! Plaza del Ayuntamiento (Plaça Ajuntament in Valencian) is located in the heart of Valencia’s historic centre …

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10 things to do in Turia Park

Turia Park might be the reason why I fell in love with Valencia. A more than 9 kilometres long, in most places about 200 metres wide, green park in the middle of Valencia. For relaxation, sport, meeting and fun of all shapes and sizes. A perfect place to hang around! In this blog 10 highlights. …

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Mercado Central Valencia

One of the most special buildings in the historical centre of Valencia is Mercado Central, the biggest indoor market hall in Valencia. Not only the building is fantastic, but also the lively atmosphere inside is amazing. And you can get a simple but delicious breakfast there (keep reading for my tip)! Mercado Central (Mercat Central …

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Programme Las Fallas 2020 [CANCELLED]

Starting on 1 March 2020 it is that time of year: Las Fallas 2020! During almost three weeks the city is all about this biggest street festival of Spain. But what exactly is Fallas? And what kind of events are there in the city? I put together the highlights of the Fallas programme of 2020 …