Flying to Valencia (including alternatives!)

The prices of flight tickets to Valencia can vary a lot. One time you have a return flight for €20, the other time you pay €200. Sometimes it can be smarter to fly to a different airport, for example, Alicante. But how do you find that one cheap ticket in the flight ticket jungle?

Cheap tickets to Valencia

To find the best ticket deals to Valencia, I have one favourite website:! I like to use this website because it’s super easy to search for flights in certain periods instead on specific dates. Also, Kiwi offers the possibility to search for multiple airports at once. In my case, that’s perfect because the airports of Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Düsseldorf are all at the same distance of my home and it can save me a lot of money to see which airport offers the cheapest flights.

The same thing is true when you look for the arrival airport. Of course, it makes most sense to fly to Valencia Airport, but it can also be interesting to look into alternatives, like Alicante or Barcelona. And from there you just go to Valencia by train or with a rental car! From Alicante it takes about 1:45h to drive to Valencia. From Barcelona it takes a little longer (approx. 3:15h), but the route goes along the coast! ? If you have the time, I can definitely recommend it.

In Spain you can rent a car very cheaply (read: for €3-7 euro per week excl. insurance for a car like a Fiat 500) at most airports. Also, travelling by train is quite cheap. This opens doors to save money on your plane ticket and at the same time see a little more of beautiful Spain.

Rather go by train? If you take the Euromed express train from Alicante to Valencia, you can get there in about 1:35h for about €19 (depending on the day and time). The Euromed from Barcelona to Valencia takes about 2:40h and costs about €20-50 (depending on the day and time).

Both trains also run partly along the coast, for that beautiful view. A disadvantage of the train is that you first have to go from the airport to the big train station in the city (Alicante Terminal, not to be confused with the airport terminal, and Barcelona Sants). You can plan your train journey in Spain via

Find plane tickets by searching for multiple airports at once

Now you know the alternatives for flying to Valencia, it’s time to get back to On you can search for multiple airports to depart and arrive. handles the rest and will make the best possible combination for you.

In my case, I often search for tickets from Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Düsseldorf at the same time, as it doesn’t really matter for me from which one I depart. If I’m really flexible, I also look for tickets to both Valencia and Alicante.

Tip: When you select two airports at ‘to’, it might be useful to activate the filter, which appears on the left side under “More”.

The options in this filter are:

  • Allow return from a different airport: with this option, you might see search results which fly into Valencia and back from the other airport in your search, for example, Alicante. With these tickets, you need to arrange your travel between Valencia and that specific airport before you can return home.
  • Allow return to a different airport: this option shows results which may depart from a different airport than you return to during your return flight. For example, you leave from Eindhoven but return to Amsterdam. In case you travel to the airport by public transport, this won’t be an issue. It’s less convenient if you have your car parked at the airport. ?
  • Turn off both options: in case you deselect both options, you will only see the search results which makes you fly from and to the same airport on your way to Valencia as well as your way back home.

Flexible travel dates

Another great feature of is that you don’t need to know your specific travel dates to find cheap flights.

You can select a range of dates within you want to leave, and also indicate a range of how many days you want to stay. Kiwi will find the best combination for you.