Getting from Valencia Airport to the city

When flying to Valencia, you land at Valencia Airport (VLC). From this airport, you have several options to get to the city centre of Valencia in 30-45 minutes. On this page, I’ll list the options for you.

Metro to the centre of Valencia

Personally, I prefer to take the metro from Valencia Airport to the city centre. The metro station is located right under the terminal and with a direct connection, you are in the city centre within 20-25 minutes. You can choose the red line 3 (direction Rafenbunyol) or the green line 5 (direction Marítim-Serrería, near the harbour). The first metro leaves at 05:48h in general and the last one leaves at 00:28h (to the centre only). Generally, around 4-5 metros per hour leave the airport.

Metro station Xàtiva is right next to the central station Estación del Norte. From there, you walk right into the historical centre. There are no metros in the historical centre, so you can’t get to the neighbourhood El Carme by metro. From the central station, it’s a 15 minutes walk to El Carme, so that’s not too bad.

Metro route planner

Need to be somewhere else? Check the nearest metro station at your accommodation’s host. You can download the most recent version of the metro plan at the website of MetroValencia, via “General docs – network map” (“Plano de la red” in Spanish).

You can also use the app Metro Valencia Offline (for iOS and Android), in which you can schedule a route from A to B.

Buy a metro ticket

You can buy a metro ticket via the machine in the metro station. You can select multiple types of tickets:

> Travelling alone or together?

Buy a Single Ticket for €3,90 or a return ticket for €7,40 (zone Aeropuerto). With this, you can travel from the airport (zone D) to the city centre (zone A). For the cardboard card, you pay €1,00, because it’s reusable. Metro tickets can be used in the metro and tram of Valencia, not on the bus (EMT).

You can buy tickets for multiple persons or multiple trips (for the return, for example) on one cardboard metro card. Are you travelling with multiple people on one card, make sure to pass on the ticket to the next person after checking in at the gates in the metro station. ?

> Travelling with 3 or more persons?

With the Bonometro ABCD ticket, you can buy 10 trips for €21,00 (+ €1,00 for the card itself, because it’s reusable). When travelling with 5 people and you travel to the city centre and back to the airport, you will pay €2,10 per person, per trip!

You can also use the Bonometro ABCD ticket when travelling with 2 persons, to travel by metro during your stay in Valencia, but remember: only the airport is in zone D. Almost all other hotspots are within zone A, so this ticket might be more expensive than a separate metro ticket for your travels within zone A.

Tip: keep the metro card which comes out of the ticket machine, because it’s reusable.

It’s smart to keep the metro card you got out of the machine because it’s reusable. For example, when using the metro during your stay or when travelling back to the airport. You can recharge the card via the card machines at the metro station.

> Valencia TuiN prepaid metro card

Valencia also has a prepaid metro card, which you can recharge with a minimum of €10 instead of recharging it with a specific travelling product. It’s called the TuiN card and it can be used on the metro and tram in Valencia.

The TuiN card is a plastic card which you can buy for €2,00 and then recharge for at least €10,00. The price per trip with this card is much cheaper than with other travel products. A trip from the airport to the city centre costs €2,00 and a trip within zone A is only €0,72! Check the website of Metro Valencia for the current prices.

You can also travel with multiple persons on one TuiN card. When using the card in the tram, you only need to check-in, not check-out.

> Valencia Tourist Card

The Valencia Tourist Card is a cheap option in case you want to make use of public transport in Valencia a lot during your stay. With this card, you can travel by metro, bus and tram and it gives you free access to some musea, special discounts on other musea and leisure activities. You can also use this card to travel from and to the airport. The card is available with a validity of 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours.

Find out more about the Valencia Tourist Card.

By MetroBus (Aerobus)

There’s one option to travel by bus to the city centre: line 150 (MetroBus). This bus stops in the suburbs Mislata, Quart de Poblet and Manises, after which it only enters the city centre for a bit. The stop which is the closest to the historical centre is the last stop of this bus: Avenida Barón de Carcer (Avendia De l’Oest). From the airport to this stop, it takes about 46 minutes.

You can buy a bus ticket for €1,45 at the driver. The bus leaves every 26 minutes between 05:25-22:00h on weekdays. Please note: the bus does not go on Sundays and public holidays.

More information about line 150 and exact travel times can be found on the website of Fernanbus.

Tip: Are you staying in Ruzafa? It can be easier to take the metro.

The bus from the airport, unfortunately, does not stop very close to Ruzafa. Are you staying in Ruzafa, then take the metro. The closest metro stop is Xàtiva, which is a shorter walk to Ruzafa then from the last bus stop of line 150.

By taxi

Rather travel directly to your accommodation? You can also take a taxi from the airport. Outside of the terminal, taxis are waiting for you and you pay around €20-25 (depending on the travel time and length).

You can also use an app to book a taxi. In Valencia, you have Free Now (formerly MyTaxi) and Cabify. The advantage of these apps is that you know upfront what the total price of your trip will be. Valencia also has Uber, but only in the city centre, not for trips from and to the airport.

Rent a car on the airport of Valencia

Renting a car for a trip to the city centre of Valencia might not be the most logical thing to do, but you cán rent a car rather cheap at the airport. Parking in the city is hard and expensive, though. It can be nice to rent a car to explore the surroundings of Valencia, but for a Valencia city trip, you won’t need it.