Weather in Valencia

Valencia has around 300 days of sunshine a year because it has a Mediterranean climate. Do you want to know when is the best time to visit the city? Or what you can expect from the weather the time you go? I got you covered.

Spring in Valencia

The best period of the year to visit Valencia might be spring. From the start of March the day temperatures will rise to around 20 degrees Celcius again. At night the temperatures get stuck around 10 degrees, so at night and early in the morning you might need a jacket. During the day you could enjoy the sun in a t-shirt!

Summer in Valencia

Would you like more summer-like temperatures, but not that hot that you canโ€™t move without breaking out in a sweat? Then it might be a good idea to visit Valencia in June or September. In these months the temperatures are high enough to swim in the sea, but also can undertake activities.

In the months July and mostly August it can be around 35 degrees Celcius. That, combined with the high humidity, it can be a bit unpleasant. Unless you like to relax on a terrace or at the beach, of course. ? If

In de maanden juli en vooral augustus kan het rustig rond de 35 graden zijn. Dat in combinatie met een hoge luchtvochtigheid is niet heel prettig, kan ik je uit ervaring vertellen. ๐Ÿ™‚

Visiting Valencia in the Winter

Valencia doesnโ€™t really know winters. The temperatures stay above zero and seldom thereโ€™s snow. The funny thing is, that within a 1,5h drive you have two ski resorts! These are Javalambre and Valdelinares (Sierra de Gรบdar) in the province Teruel.

Average temperature in Valencia

Hopefully, you already have an idea of when is the best time to go to Valencia. Below you can find the average minimum and maximum temperatures per month.

January14 ยบC6 ยบC
February16 ยบC7 ยบC
March19 ยบC8 ยบC
April20 ยบC11 ยบC
May23 ยบC14 ยบC
June27 ยบC19 ยบC
July30 ยบC 21 ยบC
August33 ยบC22 ยบC
September29 ยบC19 ยบC
October25 ยบC15 ยบC
November20 ยบC11 ยบC
December16 ยบC8 ยบC

Weather forecast for Valencia

Want to know what the weather in Valencia like is, right now? Check the weather forecast below! ?

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