Travellers from an EU country no longer need a COVID-19 certificate to travel to Spain. This means you no longer need to prove that you have been vaccinated, recently recovered or tested negative for COVID-19.

COVID-19 entry requirements for travellers outside EU/Schrengen

If you are travelling to Valencia by air from a country outside the EU/Schengen area, you still need to fill in a Health Control Form. This form can be downloaded from the Spain Travel Health website or filled in digitally in the app SpTH for Android/iOS. Before filling in the form, go to the Ministerio de Sanidad website to check the latest requirements and to see a list of countries for which these rules still apply.

Current COVID-19 measures Valencia

Fortunately, there are almost no coronas in Valencia anymore. You can find the current corona measures on the website, but I have summarised the most important rules for tourists below

Face masks in Valencia

In some places, it is still mandatory to wear a mouth mask from the age of six years and up:

  • In (social) health centres and institutions (except for patients staying in their rooms);
  • In public transport (also in stations/on platforms), but also in air or sea transport.

Exceptions: wearing a face mask is not required for people who have a certain disease or breathing problems, which may get worse by wearing a face mask. Also, people who are disabled, dependent or not independent enough to put on and take off a face mask are exempt from this rule.

Check the latest information regarding COVID-19

I try to keep the above information as up-to-date as possible, but changes sometimes happen quickly. The website, the Valencia Tourist Board, has a complete listing and also lists official sources for more information at the bottom of their page. This website also contains information on all exceptions per rule.