In this article, you will find an overview of the current COVID-19 entry requirements and restrictions for Spain and Valencia. The most recent change is the requirement of an EU COVID-19 certificate in more places.

Latest update: 3 December 2021

COVID-19 entry requirements for Valencia

On the Re-Open Europe website, you will find the latest rules on what you need to travel to Spain. For example, you need to fill out a health statement (downloadable from the Spain Travel Health website or apps for Android/iOS) and you need proof of vaccination, a certificate of recovery, or a negative COVID-19 test (PCR or antigenic test no older than 48 hours). As of 1 July 2021, it will be possible for travellers from Europe to enter Spain with an EU Digital COVID certificate. For detailed information about all entry requirements, visit the Re-Open Europe website.

The Re-Open Europe website also has a useful tool to create a travel plan within Europe, with all the current guidelines to enter Spain, but also to return to your home country.

Current COVID-19 measures Valencia

You can find the current corona measures on the website. Below I have summarised the most important rules for tourists.

EU COVID-19 certificate required in more places

As of 4 December 2021, an EU COVID-19 certificate is required in:

  • Hotels and restaurants with a capacity of more than 50 people.
  • Locations for eisure and entertainment with a capacity of more than 50 people.
  • Locations for recreational activities or gambling activities with catering services.
  • Events, music festivals and other celebrations with attendance of more than 500 people and where the use of a face mask is not always feasible.
  • Hospitals (for visitors, when allowed).
  • Nursing-homes (for visitors, when allowed).

An EU COVID-19 certificate can be obtained if you:

  • are fully vaccinated;
  • are recovered from COVID-19 (confirmed with a positive PCR-test performed less than 180 days ago);
  • or have a negative PCR-test that is no older than 72h or a negative antigen test performed within the last 48h.

The EU COVID-19 certificate QR-code can be shown in the app of your countries ministry or on paper. Read more about how to get this certificate (also as a non-EU resident) on the website of the European Commission.

Face masks in Valencia

Wearing a face mask is still mandatory for everyone with the age of six years and older in the following cases:

  • In buildings that are publicly accessible.
  • Outside in public spaces and, when 1,5m distances can not be maintained between people.
  • In public transport, but also in air or sea transport and in private transport of passengers if the occupants do not live at the same address.

Exceptions: wearing a face mask is not required for people who have a certain disease or breathing problems, which may get worse by wearing a face mask. Also, people who are disabled, dependent or not independent enough to put on and take off a face mask are exempt from this rule.

A face mask is also not required during outdoor sports (except hiking) or activities where you cannot wear a face mask, such as swimming, visiting a sauna while eating and drinking (in places where it is allowed without a face mask).

Other measures

  • Terraces of bars, cafes, and restaurants are open until 01:00h. Indoors, a maximum of 8 people is allowed at one table. Outside 10 people can sit at one table.
  • Nighttime leisure can be open until 03:00h, but alcohol may be sold until 02:30h. Dancing is not allowed, all people should sit at a table. The maximum capacity indoors is 50%. Outdoors, establishments may occupy all tables.
  • The maximum capacity for large events is increased to 1.500 people indoor and 3.000 people outdoor.
  • Indoor stadiums may use 40% of their capacity and outdoor stadiums may use up to 60% for sports events.

Check the latest information regarding COVID-19

I try to keep the above information as up-to-date as possible, but changes sometimes happen quickly. The website, the Valencia Tourist Board, has a complete listing and also lists official sources for more information at the bottom of their page. This website also contains information on all exceptions per rule.

Questions about the latest regulations? Valencia’s tourist office has a live chat available on their website, from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 06 pm and on Sundays, from 10 am to 02 pm.