Do you like a good Gin Tonic? Then you should not miss Doce Gin Club in Valencia! It is the only real Gin bar in Valencia with over 620 (!) different types of Gin.

Doce means twelve in Spanish. Back in 2009, Doce Gin Club started with 112 types of Gin. When they expanded the range, they always tried to get back to a number ending in 12. In the summer of 2014, they passed the 412 varieties of Gin and in 2015 they entered the Guinness Book of Records having the most types of Gin in the world. When we visited Doce Gin Club – already some time ago now – we saw that the numbering on the shelves ended at 612. Currently, their website states that they have over 620 types of Gin!

Personally, I was never much of a fan of Gin Tonic. The aftertaste was too bitter for me. In a bar like Doce Gin Club, I of course wanted to try it again, so asked their Gin expert for advice. He came up with G’vine Gin, mixed with the Tonic 1724. As a garnish, it contained two slices of green apple. I took a sip with a slight fear of bitterness, but no! The G’vine Gin was approved and is now still on my favorites list.

Nowadays, Doce Gin Club is no longer the Gin bar with the most types of Gin in the world, but Doce Gin Club Valencia is still among the best Gin bars in the world. By the way, the bar does not only have a lot of types of Gin. There are also about 150 kinds of Whisky, 150 kinds of Rum, 120 kinds of Vodka, and 100 kinds of wine on the menu. 

Doce Gin Club in L’Eixample Valencia

You will find Doce Gin Club in the district of L’Eixample, just outside the old town. From the train station, you walk there, through the Russafa district, in about 20 minutes. The street where Doce Gin Club is located is full of good restaurants. If you walk about 5 minutes further away, towards the City of Arts and Sciences, you’ll for example find the restaurant Gordon 10 where you can eat a delicious Agnus steak.

Address Doce Gin Club: Carrer de l’Almirall Cadarso 12, Valencia