Horchatería de Santa Catalina is one of the oldest horchaterías in Valencia. There you find the typical drink for the region of Valencia: Horchata. Or you enjoy one of the other typical Valencian delicacies.

Horchata, orxata in Valencian, is a typical Valencian drink made from chufas. These are a type of nuts, earth almonds to be exact. They are also sometimes called Valencian tiger nuts.

The structure of the drink is somewhat milky due to the mix of these nuts, water and sugar. The sweet taste is reminiscent of hazelnuts and almonds.

Horchatería de Santa Catalina

As said, Horchatería de Santa Catalina in Valencia is one of the oldest places where you can drink Horchata. Its history goes back at least 100 years and that’s visible on the characteristic facade of the building. The interior is still very traditional.

Besides the fact that you can – of course – drink Horchata here, they also have other typical Spanish/Valencian delicacies. Think of Churros, Fartons, Buñuelos, Turrón and ice cream. I think everyone knows the Spanish Churros, delicious with a hot chocolate sauce. Fartons are a kind of elongated brioche rolls glazed with sugar. Buñuelos are a kind of dough fritters. Turrón is a kind of nougat that consists of honey, sugar, egg white and almonds. So it is mainly a place for the sweet tooth! ?

Location and opening hours

Horchatería de Santa Catalina is located in Ciutat Vella near the cathedral and Plaza Redonda, at Plaza Santa Catalina 6 (Google Maps). They are open every day from 08:15 am – 9:30 pm.

For more information visit the website of Horchatería de Santa Catalina.

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