Yesterday Levante-EMV (one of the biggest Valencian newspapers) and Prensa Ibérica (a Spanish media company) released their 6th gastronomic guide with the 55 best restaurants in the Valencia region. The list is compiled by the newspaper’s regular reviewer, Santos Ruiz.

The best restaurants in Valencia city of 2021

The original list contains restaurants in the entire autonomous region of Valencia, consisting of the provinces Valencia, Alicante and Castellón. Because is mainly focused on the city of Valencia, I have filtered out the restaurants that are located in the city:

2. Ricard Camarena Restaurant**
5. La Salita*
7. El Poblet**
9. Saiti
13. RiFF* – Valencia
16. Vertical
19. Karak
21. Fierro
22. Rausell
23. Aragón 58
25. Kaido sushi bar
27. Llisa Negra
30. Askua
31. Casa Carmela
34. La Sucursal
36. LAVOE Arroz y Mar
37. Lienzo
38. Nozomi sushi bar
47. Fraula
51. Ca’ Pepico – Bib Gourmand
52. Trattoria Napoletana Da Carlo
53. La Herradura
54. Tavella Restaurant Pablo Chirivella
55. Gallina Negra – Bib Gourmand

Curious about the full list of the 55 restaurants? You can find it on the website of Levante-EMV.

Michelin restaurants in Valencia

The above list contains some additions related to Michelin. I thought it would be nice to compare the restaurants in the above list with what is also in the Michelin guide with restaurants in Valencia. That Michelin guide is internationally recognised, so you’ll know for sure a place is good! 😉

A clarification of the additions:

* = Restaurants with 1 Michelin star in 2021
** = Restaurants with 2 Michelin stars in 2021
Bib Gourmand 2021 = Restaurants with good quality, good value cooking according to Michelin

Where to find these restaurants?

I’ve put the restaurants in the above list in a custom Google Maps for you, so you can easily find their locations. 🙂

Casa Carmela

During our visit last November, we visited Casa Carmela for the first time to eat paella. It was so good, that it’s no surprise to me that the restaurant is included in the above list! The header picture of this article is taken at Casa Carmela. The restaurant is located at the beach, so it is a bit of a journey if you are staying in the historical centre. But it’s really worth it!