Pinchos are small bites that are often served on a slice of bread. Originally these snacks come from northern Spain (written as Pintxos), but also in Valencia you have a number of places where you can eat them well. Our favorite: SAGARDI!

The name Pincho refers to the small skewer that is often pierced in the sandwich. The idea is that you keep this skewer on your plate, so they can count them to add up the bill. Also, they have Pinchos that are served on a small dish, which they also count.

The restaurant

Back to SAGARDI: this is our favourite place to eat Pinchos in Valencia. The restaurant consists of two parts: downstairs the Pinchos bar and upstairs an a la carte restaurant. Many people start downstairs with Pinchos as an aperitif and then move upstairs. We have been at SAGARDI several times now, but actually always stay in the Pinchos bar. The restaurant area is still on our own wishlist! ? In this blog I focus is on the Pinchos bar.

Downstairs SAGARDI is very tastefully decorated with bar tables, old wine barrels and a very long bar where you will find all kinds of Pinchos. You can pick out Pinchos at the bar yourself or wait for the warm Pinchos that are brought around by the staff. In the evening it is full of locals as well as tourists.

You can’t make reservations to eat downstairs (for upstairs you can, through their website), but the advantage is that people don’t dine here for hours, so there is still some space available. There are some tables outside, but there isn’t really a large terrace and they are right next to the street with a lot of traffic passing by.

The Pinchos

The Pinchos themselves always look very nice. They serve slices of bread generously topped with for instance a crab salad, Spanish tortilla, ham, cheese, you name it. As warm Pinchos they serve cups with baked mushrooms in garlic, slices of bread with chorizo sausage on top, different kinds of croquettes, etc.

We like to go here for an afternoon snack – on days when we don’t have an extensive lunch with e.g. a Paella or menu del día – around 15:00-16:00h. That way we can keep it up until later in the evening for a nice extensive dinner. ?

SAGARDI is located in the old town at Calle de Sant Vincent Màrtir 6 (Google Maps), the street between Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Plaza de la Reina. They are open daily from 12:00h-00:00h and on Friday and Saturday until 01:00h.

Want to try more Pinchos in Valencia? A bit back towards the town hall square (Plaza del Ayuntamiento) you’ll find restaurant Orio on the other side of the road. This is SAGARDI’s little brother. The interior is a bit more modern, but it works the same with the Pinchos. Advantage of Orio: they have a little more tables outside (which are not on the busy street).

Pinchos in The Netherlands: SAGARDI also in Amsterdam!

Due to the corona crisis and the fact that the Dutch government gave (status 30 August 2020) Spain the travel advice code orange again, you may read this, but are not able to try it yet. But don’t worry! If you really can’t wait you can now go and you are in Amsterdam, try SAGARDI in Amsterdam! In June 2020 the restaurant chain opened its eleventh restaurant worldwide and the first restaurant in the Netherlands. It’s located at Spuistraat 304 (Google Maps). Again, the restaurant is divided into two parts: the Pinchos section in the front and the restaurant section in the back. We haven’t been there ourselves yet, but we are very curious about your findings if you are ahead of us! ?