One of the most frequently asked questions I get when people are preparing their city trip to Valencia is: “which district is the best place to spend the night in Valencia?”. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate this very first blog post to the best neighbourhoods to spend the night in Valencia.

Districts and neighbourhoods

Valencia is divided into 19 districts with even more neighbourhoods. Every neighbourhood has its own charms and advantages to book your overnight stay there.

Do you prefer to stay in the historical centre? Find your accommodation in the neighbourhoods of Ciutat Vella, like El Carme, El Mercat or La Seu. Rather stay near to the beach? Look for the neighbourhoods of Cabañal or Malvarossa in Poblats Marítims. Want to stay in the hipster neighbourhood of Valencia? Ruzafa is the place to be.

My favourite neighbourhoods to stay in Valencia

On the map at the top of this post, I drew a circle. That is the area that my partner and I love to stay in the most when we are in Valencia. This is part of Ciutat Vella and covers the neighbourhoods El Mercat, El Carme and La Seu.

Why? From these neighbourhoods, you can walk to the central market (Mercado Central), the Turia park, and squares like Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Plaza de la Reina and Plaza de Virgen in about 10-15 minutes.

El Pilar is also part of Ciutat Vella but isn’t included in my circle. We like that neighbourhood a little bit less. It’s a bit quieter (less lively). They do say that the district is on the rise, so maybe this will change in the future!

Ruzafa is just outside of my circle as well but would be next on my list of favourite areas. It is a really nice neighbourhood, very lively, but to walk to the places mentioned above, it is a little further away. However, it is really recommended to stay in Ruzafa if you like an area with a lot of bars and restaurants.

Stay at the beach

In case you love the beach, it can be a great idea to find accommodation in the beach areas Cabañal or Malvarossa. Valencia doesn’t have big boulevards with a lot of stores, but it does have a lot of restaurants and bars there. Our own experience is that it can be a little too quiet in the lower season, but the neighbourhoods just behind the beach are really on the rise!

In what kind of neighbourhood do you prefer to stay during a city trip? About what neighbourhood would you like to know more? Let me know in a comment below and I can write one of my next posts about it!