Valencia is already getting into the Christmas spirit! From the start of Advent on Sunday 28 November until Three Kings’ Day on 6 January, the city is beautifully decorated. Would you like to experience the ultimate Christmas spirit? Then visit one of the beautiful Christmas markets in Valencia, Mercado de Navidad in Spanish, in the period from 26 November 2021 to 9 January 2022.

Feria de Artesanía op Plaza del Ayuntamiento

At Plaza del Ayuntamiento there is a Christmas market with craft products and an artificial ice rink. Open daily from 26 November to 9 January, from 10:30-14:00h and from 16:30-21:00h (except December 31, then it’s only open in the morning). On 5 January you can visit the market until midnight.

Mercado de Colón Christmas markets

The Christmas market in Mercado de Colón is all about handicrafts and local gastronomy. You will find ceramics, jewellery, wooden toys, leather goods, etc. The market will be open from 13 December 13 2021 to 5 January 5 2022.

Mercado de Colón also hosts Mercado de Belenistas, the place where you can buy parts for your nativity scene. Characters, accessories, all made by the nativity society of the Valencian community.

Address Mercado de Colón: Carrer de Jorge Juan 19, Valencia (Google Maps).

Christmas market at Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

At the City of Arts and Sciences, you will find a classic Christmas market where you can buy special gifts, as well as enjoy food at the various food trucks. There are also exhibits of traditional crafts, such as a guitar maker, glassblower, potter, carpenter and sculptor.

Address Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias: Av. del Professor López Piñero, 7, Valencia (Google Maps).

Christmas market at Mercado de Tapinería

This hidden square in the old town of Valencia hosts a Christmas market from 22 December to 5 January.

Address Mercado de Tapinería: Calle de la Tapinería 15, Valencia (Google Maps).

Jul Konstruktion market

Are you into Scandinavian Aesthetics? From 16 December to 5 January you can find pieces by artists and fashion designers, accessories and decorations at the Jul Konstruktion market.

Address: Cirilo Amorós, 77 (Google Maps).

Mercado de Reyes in Mercado del Cabanyal

In Spain, they end the Christmas period with the Three Kings festival. To score some last-minute gifts, you can go to Mercado del Cabanyal for Mercado de Reyes from 3-5 January. The market is open on 3 and 4 January from 9:00-22:00h, and on 5 January from 9:00-17:00h.

Address Mercado del Cabanyal: Carrer de Martí Grajales, 4, Valencia (Google Maps).

I would love to hear which Christmas markets in Valencia you have visited!

Photo: Sento