As of Monday 18 May the second half of Spain, amongst which the region of Valencia, are moving to Phase 1 out of 4 in the de-escalation plan of the Spanish government. After 7 weeks of full lockdown and 2 weeks of Phase 0 new easements are added.

On 11 May, other provinces already moved to phase 1. The only regions still in Phase 0 are the health region of the city of Barcelona and the autonomous region and capital Madrid.

Phase distribution in Spain as of 18 May 2020

But what does Valencia in Phase 1 look like? Which measures will be eased? In this article I’ll update you on some key topics.

Valencia in Phase 1: what’s allowed again

Visiting family and friends

A visit to family and friends at home or outside on the street is allowed again as of 18 May, provided they do not have coronavirus or are in isolation. Visiting nursing homes is not yet allowed. No more than 10 people are allowed to come together and other hygiene measures, such as keeping a sufficient distance, remain in place.

Time slots

In phase 0, some easements were applied on the basis of a timetable for groups of persons. This timetable remains the same in Phase 1:

  • From 06:00-10:00h and 20:00-23:00h people of 14 years and older are allowed to practice sports and go for a walk outside.
  • From 10:00-12:00h and 19:00-20:00h people over 70 years old and dependent persons may go outside.
  • From 12:00-19:00h children under the age of 14 may go outside under supervision.

The only easement the autonomous regions will get is that they will be allowed to move the time slots forward or backwards by 2 hours, due to bad weather conditions.

Restaurants and bars

Restaurants and bars are going from a maximum occupancy of 30% in phase 0 to a maximum occupancy of 50% in phase 1. Tables must be 2 meters apart and there may be a maximum of 10 people together. There are no menus on the table and the tables must be disinfected between different visitors.

Transport by car

Only people from the same household may share a car, with a maximum of 9 people.


Cinemas, theatres and museums open their doors, but many restrictions remain. In cinemas and theatres, the maximum occupancy is 30 people when it is indoor and 200 people when it is outdoor. The bar and cloakrooms may not be used and no paper brochures or flyers will be provided.

The capacity of museums will be limited to one-third of the maximum capacity. No paper brochures or audio-visual guides will be available there either. You will only be allowed to go to a museum together with housemates, not with friends or family from another household.


Open-air markets will open again, but with the right distance between the stalls. The number of stalls that may be used is limited to 25% of the maximum and the number of visitors is a maximum of one-third of the total capacity.

Shopping centres or stores

Shopping centres or shops with an area larger than 400 square metres may not yet open in phase 1. Shops smaller than 400 square metres may reopen (unless they are in a shopping centre), but with a maximum of 30% of the total capacity of visitors. Visitors will have to keep a distance of 2 metres. If this cannot be guaranteed, shops may only allow one visitor at a time.

Farewells and funerals

Wakes and funerals may take place again. For wakes, there is a maximum of 15 persons when it is outside and a maximum of 10 persons when it is inside. For funerals, the limit is 15 people.


Residents of areas in phase 1 may move freely outside their municipality but are not allowed to leave the border of the province. Residents of the province of Valencia are therefore allowed to go to Castellón and Alicante, but not to Málaga, for example.


Hotels reopen, but with many restrictions. Areas such as spas, fitness, mini-clubs, children’s play areas and event halls are closed. Common areas where guests touch many surfaces (e.g. doorknobs, bannisters, etc.) are disinfected every two hours. Catering services are only available to guests.


Swimming is not yet allowed in swimming pools or in the sea. Only walking on sports on the beach is allowed.

Sport activities

Outdoor sports are allowed again if no physical contact is made. Individual sports appointments in sports centres are also allowed by appointment if no physical contact is made. Changing rooms are closed.

Las Fallas cancelled

Last but not least, an update about Las Fallas. This is not related to phase 1, but last week was announced that Las Fallas will be definitively cancelled for 2020. Earlier it was announced that Las Fallas will be moved to 15-19 July 2020, but due to the corona crisis this too cannot go ahead.

The above information is based on information provided by the Dutch news website about Spain SpanjeVandaag and Spanish news website Levante EMV. No rights can be derived from this.