One of Valencia’s most iconic squares is Plaza del Ayuntamiento, literal translation “town hall square”. This triangle-shaped square in the middle of Valencia is not to be missed. Certainly not now that it has just become a pedestrian zone!

Plaza del Ayuntamiento (Plaça Ajuntament in Valencian) is located in the heart of Valencia’s historic centre in the San Francesc district. It is surrounded by beautiful buildings in different architectural styles from baroque to modernist. In the middle, there is a large fountain. One of the most remarkable buildings still houses the town hall of Valencia. The beautiful building dates back to 1700! The other buildings date from the 19th and 20th century. In the evening, all buildings and the fountain are beautifully illuminated and it is full of people.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento Valencia

What is there to do?

Most of the buildings are open to the public, so be sure to have a look. For example, visit the town hall and the accompanying Museo Histórico Municipal (with a visit to the balcony!) or enter the post office (Palacio de Coreos y Télegrafos). Would you like to score a souvernir from Valencia’s soccer club, Valencia CF? Then visit the Valencia CF Megastore. ? Fan of Hardrock Café? Hardrock Café Valencia is located just outside the square, in the street towards the train station.

Valencia’s town hall

Around the square you will find flower stalls and events are regularly organized. During Las Fallas this square is home to the largest Falla in the city, which is burned on the last day of the festivities (la crema). During Las Fallas you will also hear a few minutes of loud fireworks, the Mascletà, for a couple of weeks in a row at exactly 14:00h.

In the run-up to Christmas, the square turns into a winter wonderland with a Christmas tree made of lights and even an ice rink. Regular firework shows are held during festivities in the town, for example during New Year’s Eve (Nochevieja).

Winter Wonderland at Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Renewal of Plaza del Ayuntamiento

Until recently, the roads around the square were crawling with cars and buses. Since recently (August 2020) the square has been partially transformed into a pedestrian zone. This zone is indicated by the new red asphalt (this is nicknamed ‘La Plaza Roja‘ by the Spaniards). On the spot of the former bus lane, ‘Valencia’ can now be read in large letters on the asphalt. The road for motorized transport now only runs along one side of the square.

Now you can quietly enjoy all the splendour around you. Worth a visit!

Picture sources: (Xisco Navarro) and personal archive.