Until 16 October 2022, the City of Arts and Sciences in Turia park turns into a true open-air museum with the beautiful sculptures of the Polish sculptor Igor Mitoraj. The fifteen large sculptures are placed in the waters of the IMAX cinema Hemisfèric, the opera house Palau de les Arts, the promenades Paseo de Cipreses and the Paseo del Arte and at the west entrance of the science museum Museu de les Ciències.

The sculptures are made of bronze and are up to six metres high. They portray the concept of “broken beauty”. It is a magical encounter between science, nature and art.

Igor Mitoraj was known for the broken elements in his sculptures. His style is comparable to the works of ancient Roman and Greek culture, fragmented and with a certain post-modern touch.

Adres: Av. Professor López Piñero 7, Valencia (Google Maps)
Prijs: gratis

Image above this post: @francescpedrospalomares on Instagram